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            The News Archive contains news releases issued by Eastman over the past four years. You may specify your search by using keyword(s) and/or one or more of the filters below.

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            Note: The information contained in each news release is current on the date the release is issued and will become outdated over time. Eastman Chemical Company does not assume any responsibility for updating information in these releases.
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            2019, Oct 02 - Eastman wins LUXE PACK in green Award at LUXE PACK MONACO 2019
            Global specialty plastics provider Eastman has won the 2019 LUXE PACK in green award at LUXE PACK MONACO in the Responsible Initiatives category for activating the circular economy.
            2019, Oct 01 - Eastman launches new portfolio of cellulose esters for food contact applications
            Eastman is proud to announce the launch of a new portfolio of 13 cellulose esters for use in food contact applications such as inks, adhesives, tapes and labels, and internal can and other coatings.
            2019, Sep 18 - Eastman’s Tire Additives division opening new Shanghai lab Sept. 18
            Customers can get help with tire compounding and advanced technology needs.
            2019, Sep 18 - Eastman reveals vision for sustainable future at LUXE PACK MONACO 2019
            Specialty plastics provider demonstrates cosmetics portfolio’s circular economy credentials.
            2019, Sep 16 - Eastman experts to discuss increased efficiency in tire production
            Fred Ignatz-Hoover, a technology fellow at Eastman, will stress energy savings and improved manufacturing efficiency during his talk at the International Elastomer Conference in Cleveland in October.
            2019, Sep 06 - Redress Design Award 2019 Grand Final Fashion Show features sustainable fabrics from Eastman Naia
            Gold Sponsor Naia to showcase award-winning designs at Première Vision
            2019, Sep 03 - Hyflyer Innovations selects Tritan? from Eastman for its expanded NANI barware range
            stunning Firangi Glass sets the standard for the line’s technology, durability and style.
            2019, Sep 03 - Expanded NANI drinkware line includes crystalline color and an infusion of elegance
            Hyflyer Innovations uses Tritan? from Eastman to achieve durable colors and mold dramatic shapes.
            2019, Sep 03 - NANI serveware serves up striking colors and shapes
            Hyflyer Innovations uses Tritan? from Eastman to add durability and elegance to NANI serveware.
            2019, Sep 03 - Hyflyer Innovations selects Tritan? from Eastman for its expanded storageware range
            Tritan helps make NANI storageware more practical, protective, and beautiful.
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